GSM Valtech vows to continue with its programme of investment, despite the economic downtown.

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GSM Valtech has continued to operate throughout the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, supplying to many key industries including those in the medical supply chain. 

The company, which continues to monitor the ‘new norm’ and implement changes to the working practices based on the latest advice from the Government, including maintaining social distancing in all departments, spoke about the challenges they face.

Talking to Andrew Burrows, the External Business Development Manager, he spoke about how the company has responded to the Covid-19 situation, “We have seen an increase in the number of new customers as existing suppliers to them have closed for a period. As a company, we welcome all new enquiries for the supply of sheet metal work, assemblies, and anything on the bill of materials associated with the sheet metal component supply.” 

He went on to say, “Some companies have limited capacity currently in their buying departments and we are therefore offering our help where we can.”

Yet despite the economic downturn, GSM Valtech is continuing with its programme of investment. Andrew went on to say, “Our philosophy is to continually develop and invest in all aspects of our company, including people, plant, and machinery. This approach, together with our sales and marketing strategy will enable us to maintain our momentum during these difficult times.

The recent purchase of a new CNC stud welding machine with the capability to attach a wide range of studs and a new high-powered spot-welding machine has further enhanced product quality and repeatability. As well as offering the opportunity to further reduce manufacturing lead-times.”

Andrew went on to talk about why the company is getting behind ‘Backing Britain.’ “Given the current situation, we are ‘Backing Britain’ to enable us to reach out to companies in the UK who are unsure of whether to ‘reshore’ or not. Let us not forget that ‘Brexit’ is still festering in the background and we want to help companies make the right decisions in their supply chain going forward.”

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