10% discount on Static Elimination Products

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To celebrate the launch of our new product website, we are offering a massive 10% discount on your next order of static elimination products purchased from us www.ioniser-pro.co.uk 

Static is a major issue in industry from the mild but annoying effects of product contamination to very dangerous effects such as igniting fires, explosions and causing static shock to machine operators! 

Common industry sectors that tend to have static issues are:

  • Plastics – medical parts, injection moulding, hopper transfer
  • Printing – digital, pad printing, screen printing
  • Textiles – printing, warping, weaving, carding, creels
  • Packaging – sleeving, vertical fill, blister packing, vacuum packing
  • Cleanrooms – contamination, sanitation

Click the link below to see some examples of how our static eliminators could help you.

Benefits of Static Elimination

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